Three dimensional scoliosis Treatment

The author…

Christa Lehnert-Schroth PT, born 1924 in Meissen/Saxony, Germany;
daughter of Katharina Schroth, originator of the treatment method described here:

- I have worked with scoliosis patients for about 50 years.
- From 1943 onwards my mother trained me continuously in her method.
- In 1950 I completed a massage course and passed the final examination.
- From 1952 - 1954 I studied physiotherapy, with state accreditation.
- In 1955 I relocated from East Germany to West Germany.
- I worked for one year as a physiotherapist in a sanatorium.
- I worked for one year as a freelance physiotherapist in a spa resort, in conjunction with resort
- I operated a small independent practice for two years.
- In 1961 I bought a house in Bad Sobernheim and established a small sanatorium with facilities for
admitting 10 patients with spinal deformities. Over the years this house was remodelled and extended
and enlarged with additional buildings, ultimately resulting in the private Katharina Schroth Clinic for
120 patients, of which I was the Director - always with the support of medical practitioners.
- The first German edition of the book: "Dreidimensionale Skoliosebehandlung - Atmungs-
Orthopädie System Schroth" ("Three-Dimensional Scoliosis Treatment - Schroth Breathing
Orthopaedic System") was published in 1972.

- 1974 New discoveries about the existence of "four-curve scoliosis" (lumbosacral) and the development
of new treatment options for it.
- In 1995 the Clinic passed into the hands of the Asklepios Group and it continues to offer the same
treatment method.

Throughout my time at the Katharina Schroth Clinic I gave several lectures on the Schroth method in Germany and abroad, pubished several articles in specialist medical journals and held courses for physiotherapists.

I recorded 12 exercise LPs designed for use by patients for training at home. I also produced several films explaining Schroth three-dimensional scoliosis treatment and demonstrating how it works in patients. These films were screened at orthopaedic congresses and other medical conferences and were also shown to course participants.

In 1999, in the Bad Sobernheim local history museum, I set up a permanent exhibition devoted to Katharina Schroth's life and work, and this is visited by groups of our patients.

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